Logo Strongbow Strongbow 's Dry Cider delivers a full bodied, refreshing taste. It is the unrivalled consumer's favourite around the world, accounting for over a quarter of all cider sold in the UK annually. Strongbow stands at No 8 in the Top Ten Chart of UK best selling long alcoholic drinks, more popular than most major lager brands. Strongbow is a Gold Medal winner at the International Beer and Cider Competition, London, voted best tasting cider in blind tastings by a consumer led panel of judges. Strongbow is named after the Norman knight, Richard de Clare, later Earl of Pembroke, who was nicknamed 'Strongbow' by his troops for his feats of strength and prowess with the longbow. The 'thudding arrow' has been a feature of the brand's television advertising since the 1960's.  www.strongbowrooms.com   www.scottish-newcastle.com

Logo Newcastle Brown Ale Newcastle Brown Ale is an authentic English ale with a unique taste. Full of flavour, yet easy to drink, it's been drunk and enjoyed since 1927. And it's becoming more popular in more countries each year. Newcastle Brown Ale has a full-bodied, slightly nutty taste complemented by subtle-sweet caramel flavour notes. A perfect combination of the finest quality hops, barley and water, together with the highest quality standards produce a beer which has a rich, smooth flavour and refreshing lightness – truly both full-flavoured and easy-to-drink.  www.newcastlebrown.com   www.scottish-newcastle.com

Logo Beamish Irish Stout Beamish Irish Stout is a genuine, authentic Irish stout, only ever brewed in Cork, Ireland – it is not brewed under licensed in any other country. At 12:45 every day, each batch of Beamish is personally checked by the Master Brewer in Cork to ensure its authenticity and quality.  www.beamish.ie   www.scottish-newcastle.com

Foster Super Chilled Foster 's is a light golden colour with medium malt character. It has a subtle hop bitterness achieved from hopping the beer as late as possible to capture all the flavour of the unique “Pride of Ringwood” hops. With a delicate fruity hop aroma and balanced taste. Foster's rolls off the tongue leaving a clean crisp finish. When Foster's was first launched in 1888 every Foster's stockist was given a free supply of ice to keep the beer cold. Luckily technology has moved on since then. Foster's Super Chilled is served a few degrees colder than other lagers - a truly blinding lip numbingly cold beer.  www.fosters.co.uk   www.scottish-newcastle.com